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The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to slow down and evaluate what we need most. We invite you to reflect on this moment by participating in our latest artwork. Your message will be incorporated into an aerial canopy that will be displayed in Washington D.C. later this year. Share your feelings to give a voice to this moment in time.

#WhenThisIsOver I want the leaders to know that the people have the power.

Tara Fisher

#WhenThisIsOver we should have transparency in the pricing of our healthcare system.

Lauren Weinstein

#WhatIfWeHad the will to mobilize around shared values and make the changes this world needs?

Avishay Artsy

#WhatIfWeHad a 2 term maximum for our senators?

Lauren Weinstein

#WhatIfWeHad the ability to love, grow, and let go?

Katherine Garcia

#WhenThisIsOver we will start our family.

Jillian Ogden

#WhatIfWeHad stood alongside those with the least rather than sacrificed them for our own comfort?


#WhenThisIsOver I will savor each moment of life.

Joan Cichon

#WhenThisIsOver lets remember how connected we are.

john halcyon

#WhenThisIsOver may we realize that the power is in the people and not the politicians and their corporate masters. You are your own hero.


#WhenThisIsOver I will show my kids how much I love, admire, and trust them.

Rita Rothert

#WhenThisIsOver I wish for unity

Kevin Haskins

#WhenThisIsOver nothing will be the same, but if we center each other and uplift everyone's humanity we can move beyond this broken system to create a bright future for everyone.

Timothy Hayes

#WhenThisIsOver I'm hugging everyone tight!

Kelsi T

#WhenThisIsOver I want to get together with all my friends and celebrate getting through this together.

Zach Segars

#WhenThisIsOver we need to reconsider what "normal" can be, and how we can create a fairer, more equitable life for everyone.

Laura Cohen

#WhatIfWeHad awareness and compassion for our global impact.

Staci Warren

#WhatIfWeHad perspective.

Wendy Cochran

#WhatIfWeHad basic standards of living rights that included education, healthcare, and internet for the entire world?

Nicole Wong

#WhatIfWeHad a system that cared for and protected everyone?

Timothy Hayes

#WhatIfWeHad never experienced this pandemic?

Mackenzie Herman

#WhenThisIsOver hopefully the messages of coming together during the crisis will overshadow the messages of hate and intolerance.

Mary Eberhardt

#WhenThisIsOver may the integrity, honesty and caring of an individual matter more than titles, salaries or ROI

Denise Rose

#WhatIfWeHad a system that works?

Lil Pachill